Connected, short "Sci-Fi" of Pamela Anderson

After the crepuscular toast to the adult was Playboy, appearing in the latest issue of the magazine before his change of course no nudity, we believed that Pamela Anderson return to the cave where celebrities live removed from her fame . But it will not be the case. And, most interestingly, the return of eternal watcher of the beach is for a short science fiction in which you make, in all likelihood, the best performance we’ve ever seen. Perhaps the only one worthy of the name, in fact.

The film tells of a woman in full midlife crisis, refusing to face the marks of aging in the body. Wise choice of an actress who, in a mature and wise way, is more beautiful and natural as one would expect.

Sci-Fi of Pamela Anderson

Connected, short "Sci-Fi" of Pamela Anderson

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