Bonnie Rotten pregnant!!!!

Bonnie Rotten is pregnant!!!!

Bonnie RottenAmerican porn star Bonnie Rotten (22 years) announced this weekend through her Instagram account that is three months pregnant. No doubt great news for her and her partner Dennis DeSantis, on the other hand, thrown into the air some questions about the future of her career in porn.

Will it leave to participate in scenes during pregnancy to focus on directing movies and Evil Angel producer Mental Beauty? Did you draw his side and more morbid delight us with a video wearing belly? And what will happen after the birth ?. Not the first actress leaving the industry after experiencing motherhood …

The answers to these questions will come in time, now is the time to convey our congratulations to the couple and wish to enjoy the most of this new and important stage of their lives.

Bonnie Rotten instagram 2

Bonnie Rotten instagram

Bonnie Rotten seems that is getting some offensive messages through social networks, questioning their right to be a mother to dedicate or have dedicated to porn. All these unscrupulous actress has devoted a few words on Twitter:

“I labor, dropping shit about people I did porn and I will have a baby. I needed to create a life for myself for my family. I had a respectable senior career where I got everything I ever wanted and I got everything I needed while he was healthy and safe. I feel no shame for it. Is it hard to explain to my son when he grows up? Yes, it will. But I’m ready for that. My son will live a great life with me and his father and family around him. This will not interfere with your life so much inside. It is the past does not matter. Fools insults are superficial and stupid people with narrow minds. If that is all that you are able to say something else Dedicate ”

In this dissertation we can draw two interesting details: 1) that asshole are everywhere and 2) Bonnie relates to his career in the past, which suggests that her days of porn actress are history or has at least intend to drink a good sabbatical.

In order more interesting news, Bonnie Rotten today attended the doctor who confirmed her pregnancy is progressing well and that the baby is … GIRL !!

Bonnie Rotten instagram 3

Bonnie Rotten pregnant!!!!

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