August Ames hangover.

Photo Gallery: August Ames hangover.

Ames August starred Darcie Dolce gathers the last gallery 2015 and today is responsible for starring in the first gallery in 2016, we can not think of a better way to overcome own collective hangover this time. There are many home remedies for hangover, many urban legend, but there is nothing as effective as a good pair of … aspirin. Yes friends, the best hangover is aspirin, ibuprofen and beer, although it is also true that tits as of August Ames make us more bearable headaches and nausea that make all repeat the hackneyed phrase “I drink again.” Let’s face it, the night of kings back to drink, but we need not worry, the next day they have tits at least as juicy as those of August Ames to our day after most bearable possible. Yes, we’re getting off the subject a little, but keep in mind that we also we exceeded us last night, so all purging while watching tits of porn goddess.

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